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A selection of social media posts from fighters and personalities, taken from a cross section of platforms.

Who's pulling for The Notorious

1 week to Go!!! Who’s Pulling for The Notorious ??

With only one week let to go before the biggest fight in living memory. Who’s pulling for The Notorious?? What a night it will be when all of our questions are finally answered. #theresonlyone #mma #ufc #martialarts #mixedmartialarts #boxing #kickboxing…

Floyd Mayweather knocks out Victor Ortiz.

Mayweather KO’s Victor Ortiz After Blatant Headbutt

Floyd Mayweather knocks out Victor Ortiz following a headbutt. Ortiz had his hands down and was looking to the ref at the time. Protect yourself at all times! Mayweather made th emostof his opportunity and KO’ed Ortiz winning the fight….

Conor McGregor stopping Mo Taylor in his 2nd fight.

The Notorious 2nd Pro MMA Fight vs Mo Taylor in 2008

The Notorious Conor McGregor stopping Mo Taylor in his 2nd fight as a professional at Cage Rage Contenders back in 2008. There’s no doubting he has added many tools to his game since then. The blistering speed is there for…

Valentina Shevchenko Muay Thai and MMA.

Valentina Shevchenko Muay Thai and MMA

Some highlights from top UFC women’s bantamweight contender Valentina Shevchenko. Showing both her Muay Thai roots and her transitioning to the World of MMA. In a match which never took place due to medical reasons. She was originally slated to…

Floyd mayweather defensive mastermind.


Floyd Mayweather: Defensive Boxing Genius Floyd Mayweather is known as perhaps the greatest defensive boxer of all time. Well, at least that is what the man will tell you himself! Should you ever get the chance to ask. And out…