Yoel Romero I Was in Cuba Waiting for You Mike Bisping You Didn’t Show. TROLL LEVEL 1000% 😂

Yoel Romero has set his beef with Michael Bisping to 110% on the Troll scale. Here he is waiting for him, but he didn’t show. We wonder why? Maybe it was his #knee again say Yoel or maybe you’re just full of it. I will find you #boyyyyy and when I do, you will need the #cage to protect you!

This is classic stuff from Romero who has upped the bar. And may soon go supenova in terms of trolling. The only problem for Yoel though is that Robert Whittaker is going to face Bisping next for the title. Adding to that he is still recovering from knee surgery. And has already stated he will retire after his next fight. So we won’t see this fight anytime soon, if ever! But you still have to Love it from the Cuban Olympic wrestler! 😂

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Yoel Romero was in #cuba waiting for you Michael Bisping

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