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Metamoris 5 Gracie vs Sakuraba.

Countdown – Metamoris 5: Gracie vs. Sakuraba

Metamoris 5: Gracie vs. Sakuraba (Countdown) Metamoris 5 takes place on Saturday November 22, 2014. A very special treat awaits those hardcore mma fans who pine for yesteryear and those days of the PRIDE Fighting Championships. Kazushi Sakuraba the Gracie…

Inside the Octagon UFC Sydney.

Episode 4: Sydney – Inside the Octagon

Inside the Octagon – Episode 4: Sydney It’s episode four in the latest installment of Inside The Octagon, with host John Gooden “The outlaw” himself Dan Hardy. What does the UFC Fight Night Sydney card have in store Down Under?…

Have no regrets Kyle Maynard.

Have No Regrets In Life – Kyle Maynard

Kyle Maynard – Have No Regrets In Life Narrated by Kyle Maynard and produced by Stuart Cooper. This is an inspirational piece of film making for people find themselves in a bit of down time, where they have plateaued in…

Conor Mcgregor interview 2008.

Conor McGregor Exclusive Interview Before Fame 2008

Conor McGregor Before Fame Exclusive Interview 2008 Conor McGregor in an exclusive interview from 2008, before any of the current wave of fame which has seen the Irishman rise to the top of the UFC. In it he outlines his…

Episode Four UFC 179 Embedded.

Vlog Series – Episode 4: UFC 179 Embedded

UFC 179 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4 It’s episode 4 of the UFC 179 Embedded and the fighting Irishman Conor McGregor takes in the sights, sounds and Capoeira on the Brazilian beachfront. The Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo and his challenger Chad Mendes keep…

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