Top 5 rivalries in the UFC..

TOP 5 Biggest Rivalries in UFC History

Top 5 Rivalries in the History of the UFC Here are the Top 5 rivalries in UFC history, according to our man The Promo Guy. To be fair, throughout the relatively short history of the UFC there’s quite a few…

Conor Mcgregor personality.

Sport Psychology: Conor McGregor – Self-Efficacy In Sport

Conor McGregor and Self-Efficacy In Sport What is Self-Efficacy? Self-Efficacy is the belief in our own abilities to perform a given task. Conor McGregor is a perfect example of how high levels of Self-Efficacy can improve sporting performance. Without a…

BJ Penn interview UFCOKC.

B.J. Penn on His Second Coming at UFC Oklahoma

B.J. Penn Briefly Considered Walking Away! But has to Finish what He Started Baby J is back, again! You thought he was gone, hell no! The UFC Hall of Famer admitted that he briefly considered walking away from the sport…

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