UFC Fight Night Virginia – Lauzon vs Guida – Episode 1

UFC Fight Night Virginia 1 -Joe Lauzon vs Clay Guida

UFC veteran Joe Lauzon faces off against another veteran of the game Clay Guida at UFC Fight Night Virginia. With combined career totals of 90 fights and 22 years just in the UFC. It really is a wonder how these two lightweights haven’t faced off before.

With Guida you always get a fast-paced Tasmanian devil fighting style. In comparison to a more surgical and technical approach by Lauzon whois known for his submission game. And as we say in this business, styles make fights. And this fight has all the hallmarks of Fight of the Night.

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So let’s follow Joe as he prepares to step into the UFC octagon for the twenty-fifth time! Is that a record? Lauzon vs Guida goes down his coming weekend at UFC fight night. In the first fight on the main card live from Norfolk Virginia.

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