UFC 214: Champ Camp Tyron Woodley Ep.1

UFC 214: Champ Camp Tyron Woodley First Episode

It’s the first episode of Tyron Woodley’s Champ Camp. The Champion is down in Florida at American top Team in Coconut Creek. As he prepares for his 3rd title defense. This time against BJJ phenom Demian Maia. Mais gets put on blast by ATT coach Din Thomas, who tells him he’s a nice guy. But that he cannot get in the way of greatness.
Next up Woodley brings his family out to his camp, as he’s been away so much. They hit Milwaukee and enjoy the local scenery and environment as a family. The Tyron and family get in some high-level striking

Then it’s off to the gym of Ben Askren, the One Fighting Championships current welterweight Champion. Woodley comments that Askren can put you through the ringer like no other. Marathon runners, 800 metres runners. His style just saps your energy.

Tyron is then drafted in to give the young guys at Askren’s gym a pep talk. He tells them about his journey to the top of the ladder. How he has had to work his ass off. Fight through adversity and rely on his teammate to make him a better competitor. It’s that accountability when a teammate who knows you, tells you that you need to work on a part of your game. Or that you are lacking in a certain area and need to work harder.

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We get to see a montage of training footage both from Roufus sports and ATT. And the Champion is looking to be in great shape and firing on all cylinders. Finally through the last few minutes, we get to hear Tyron speak about his life. And how he will use every piece of adversity he has gone through in his life to keep driving him forward. As he faces Demian Maia in the co-main event at UFC 214 July 29th.

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