Please Don’t Let Anything Happen to UFC 214


Let’s be honest for a moment here, on paper UFC 213 was an intriguing list of bouts. But not at the level of previous ‘International Fight Week’ cards.

It certainly wasn’t the worst PPV ever (I’m looking at you UFC 169), but I highly doubt anyone will be talking about it in years to come.

This is why it is absolutely imperative that the UFC’s return to Anaheim must not be hit with injuries, USADA violations or even arrests!

From top to bottom it is a stacked card and one that the company badly needs to be a financial success.

Could this be a mainstream box-office smash and achieve over 1 million buys? Perhaps.

Realistically, anything over 600k PPV buys is a success. The second half of the calendar has previously seen the company reach massive heights and there are a number of exciting bouts to be confirmed.

All this may also feature a certain Irishman making his return to the Octagon before the New Year…?

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UFC 214 is everything that 213 should have been and will hopefully deliver.

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier will finally face-off in a rematch years in the making. The Co-Main features an amazing clash of styles with current champ Tyron Woodley meeting BJJ King Damian Maia.

Add the ‘original baddest woman on the planet’ Cris Cyborg fighting for the 145lb belt and a fun fight that will surely bring beautiful violence in abundance when Robbie Lawler faces off against Donald Cerrone

I hope for every MMA fan’s sake this card stays intact and nothing jinxes it.

The thought of everything going smoothly and getting the opportunity to watch this card gives me absolute fanboy goosebumps!!!

Keep everything crossed people and let’s make sure Jon Jones keeps his nose clean (if you pardon the pun!)


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