UFC 214 Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida UFC 140 Free Fight

UFC 214 Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida

Jon Jones was only 23 years of age when defended his belt for the second time, way back in 2011. Against the guy who many thought would give him alot of trouble, Lyoto Machida. If you remember back to UFC 98, when Machida beat Rashad Evans for the title. Joe Rogan made his now infamous faux pas, prematurely announcing Lyoto’s arrival into the big time, saying;

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Machida era.”

It was to be one of the shortest lived eras in Mixed martial arts history. As Machida was to lose in his second title defence to Shogun Rua. A fighter who he had defended his title for the first time against, less than a year earlier.

Machida was doing a good job throughout the first round against the Champion Jones. With his typical striking without taking any punishment style. He managed to win the first round on points. It wouldn’t be until round 2 when the fighters tied up that Jones would stop Lyoto in his tracks.

In what can only be described as a neck crank into a guillotine choke. Once stopped by the referee, Machida’s lifeless body slumped to the mat with a thud. At the time he did actually look dead! No, but he was most definitely unconscious. Let us rewatch the action before Jones next has a rematch with old rival Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 on July 29.

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