UFC 209: The Reem S4 Alistair Overeem | Episode 02

UFC 209 The Reem S4 | Episode 02

UFC 209 The Reem Season Four episode 2. Alistair takes some time off after his title challenge loss to Stipe Miocic. Going to Thailand to relax and get in some training. Alistair introduces us to some of his friends, while also showing some of them what he can do inside the cage or ring. Some nice footage including lots and lots of scenic drone shots. Overeem and Mark Hunt chatting behind the scenes, having a laugh like two good friends.

Coach Greg Jackson gives his thoughts on the what he sees as a very dangerous and tricky fight. The guys also manages to get in a local Muay Thai show. We get a great behind the scenes at Jackson Winkeljohn camp in Albuquerque. Along with meeting some of his training partners. Jon Jones makes a cameo as the pair do some shooting at the local range. Alistair needs to be careful, people might start to like him if he keeps this up.

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