In the Clinch with Tyron Woodley as he Prepares UFC 214

Tyron Woodley: In the Clinch with as he Prepares UFC 214

We go inside the life of the UFC’s Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. As commentator Jon Anik takes us into the clinch for UFC 214. We get to hear about those who are nearest and dearest that helped push him forward.

First up we meet Deborah Woodley, Tyron’s mother, who lives in East St Louis, the hood as Tyron’s calls it. And an area that he would like to see his mother move from. But this is her home and she’s not going anywhere, at least for now. A mother to 13 kids, and also a leading light in her local community. Tyron gives us some backstory of his mom, who in his words, was saved by God.

We are brought to see the house in which Tyron grew up, which is in Ferguson Missouri. Where the young Tyron lived for 13 years when growing up. What follows is a tour of his old neighbourhood, as we get to see the home he grew up in. And hear how that on any one night, up to 15 people could be sleeping under its roof.

The family lost their home, so Tyron ended up staying with a friend locally. Yet he still had to walk past his old home each and every day. Which his mother, Deborah, says was the hardest thing she ever had to endure. We also get to hear about the crime ridden environment in which the Woodley’s had to live from day to day.

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It was a lifestyle that lit a fire in the UFC Champion for him to find away out!

The program offers some inspiring insight into the life of Woodley. Who we think it’s fair to say has been badly marketed by the UFC. Perhaps with what we learn here, more fans will embrace the 170lb Champion as the rightful king of the division and give him his dues going forward.


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