Chael Sonnen: Tony Ferguson vs Kevin Lee, Here’s What Happened.

Tony Ferguson vs Kevin Lee, Here is What happened Chael Sonnen

MMA Superstar Chael Sonnen gives us his thoughts on the UFC 216 main event fight that was Tony Ferguson vs Kevin Lee. Two fighters who the former UFC middleweight title contender know very well. Having been a teammate of Ferguson. And trained with Lee on a number of occasions. For the American gangster, this was the fight to make.

Following El Cucuy’s unbelievable win streak and Lee meteoric rise to the top. This in Chael’s eyes was thee fight which absolutely made the most sense.

Sonnen breaks down how the fight played out. And why the idea of Lee gassing out and not being in shape is the wrong way to look at the fight. he talks about his own time in college and participating in 7-minute wrestling matches.

Chael talks about how normally the team would wrestle for one hour during a normal training session. But when you added in the stress of having crowds watching, a referee, a medal on the line.Very few guys could go hard the full seven minutes.

with so much on the line for Lee and with a small staph infection playing on his mind. He got zapped a little bit.

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Commentators never talk about it

Tony with more experience, having made the walk more than Lee. All of that pays off. He was able to deal with that stress element better than his opponent. And it’s something commentators never talk about.

Because it’s not tangible and it’s not something you can see. Like speed, size skills etc, reading the tale of the tape. The intangibles are just too difficult to explain the people watching. But Lee was under incredible amounts of stress.

And not having the experience that Ferguson does under the bright lights. That simply said, affected his conditioning. He fought as hard as he could, put a  tonne of energy into some of those takedowns. Took some hard shot and dealt with them. But eventually, the tank runs out of gas.

Tony Ferguson walked out of that cage with a 12lb Gold belt for a reason.


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