TJ Dillashaw Talks Demetrious Johnson Fight, Says He’s Feared, Jimmie Rivera,, And More!

TJ Dillashaw on the Demetrious Johnson Fight and Being Feared

The UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw stopped in with the guys at Power 106 Los Angeles, The Cruz Show. To discuss a possible super fight with p4p top mouse Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson. The champ briefly talks about the time he spent in Mexico, where he got married. Plus the soon to be arrival of his first child, a baby boy. And how things have changed in his life.

TJ talks about how he now expects Dominick Cruz to suck it. And wait for any potential title shot after he made Dillashaw wait for over two years. He also says that now he is once again the guy with the target on his back.

Dillashaw is asked about Jimmi Rivera who has recently called him out. Rivera who was scheduled to take on Dominick Cruz in December. Is now looking for a new opponent following Cruz getting injured once again.

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TJ is asked about a potential fight with Urijah Faber. But says that it’s not something which is going to happen. Apart from it being one of the easiest fights of his career. Faber is now retired and well out of his prime.

Dillashaw also weighs in on the Oscar De La Hoya vs Conor McGregor saga. Saying that he understands why De La Hoya is doing it. Why wouldn’t he for that kind of money? TJ himself would box McGregor for that kind of money, so he can understand why Oscar made the callout.

He also goes into some detail about his new eating habits, cold pressed fruits. And being on the strictest diet ever for the past eight months. Along with how his wife has been his backbone to sometimes keep him motivated through the tough times.

Al that and more from the UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw!

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