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Mike Swick UFC 189 comeback episode 4.

Mike Swick: The Comeback – Ep 4: Tyres & Tigers

Mike Swick: Ep 4 The Comeback – Road To UFC 189 Mike Swick is busy getting in some cardio work as he shows why tyre hill sprints are an ideal training exercise. Unusually for him, Mike needs to shed some…

Chris Weidman Singular Focus 2 Mental Game & Spirituality.

Chris Weidman: Singular Focus – Mental Game & Spirituality

Chris Weidman on the Mental Game & Spirituality In his own words “For me, preparation is all about the physical, the mental and most importantly, the spiritual. If I’m not spiritually in the right place, I’m a mess. You’re always trying to feel…

Chris weidman episode 1 Physical Preparation and Conditioning.

Chris Weidman: Episode 1 – Singular Focus

Chris Weidman Physical Preparation and Conditioning for the Fight Singular Focus is a four-part series following the middleweight champion Chris Weidman’s training and preparation as he looks to defend his UFC title against a former champion Vitor Belfort, this Saturday, May 23…