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Video blogs from fighters and personalities in the sport of mixed martial arts.

John dodson ufc 191 training camp.

John Dodson Talks UFC 191, Mighty Mouse & 6 Pack Abs

John Dodson on DJ, UFC 191 & Those 6 Pack Abs John Dodson who is busy getting in his last few rounds of training at Jackson MMA for his UFC 191 fight next weekend against “Mighty Mouse” Demetrious Johnson. The Magician is as…

BMF ranch mail time, gym time.

BMF Ranch – Got to Get Me That Hat

BMF Ranch – Mail Time/Gym Time at the Ranch The BMF’s at Donald Cerrone’s ranch are knee deep in fan mail. It’s fun and games as cowboy Felder, Healy and team. tell the fans what they should do in order…

BMF ranch ninja challenge dodson cerrone.

BMF Ranch – Cerrone, Dodson & Team Ninja Park Challenge

BMF Ranch Ninja Park Challenge. Who is the King? After a long day of hardcore training, what would you normally do? Well the guys at BMF Ranch including John Dodson, Donald Cerrone and the team decided to have some fun and head…

Jon Jones bmf ranch and Jackson winkeljohn.

BMF Ranch – Jones, Dodson, Sanchez, Swanson & a Slackline

BMF Ranch – Back-Flips on a Slackline It’s practice time for the guys at BMF ranch and Jackson Winklelohn’s gym. Getting in some morning and afternoon sparring while all the time having a good laugh. The fighters move from training…

strabanimal james gallagher.

The Strabanimal – James Gallagher

The Strabanimal James Gallagher Video Interview A nice video interview with up and coming Irish amateur James “The Strabanimal” Gallagher who is an 18 year old mma fighter from SBG Dublin, Ireland. In this mini-doc he talks about what it’s like to…

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