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Irish MMA documentary robert devane.

The Druid’s Cage – Irish MMA Documentary

Irish MMA Documentary – The Druid’s Cage The Druid’s Cage is an Irish documentary which follows the exploits of Robert Devane. A professional mixed martial artist from Dublin. Who is in the midst of training for his 6th and final professional…

Freddie Roach Georges St Pierre for Bisping


FREDDIE ROACH FEELS ST-PIERRE’S ATHLETICISM WILL BE THE DIFFERENCE IN BISPING FIGHT Legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach has been training Georges St Pierre on and off for many years. The Wild Card gym head coach was also instrumental in discussions…

Conor McGregor fighting style.

Joe Rogan Talks Conor McGregor’s Fighting Style!

Conor McGregor’s Fighting Style via Joe Rogan Joe Rogan o nthe JRE podcast talking about Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. And also on McGregor’s advanced MMA fighting style on the Joe Rogan podcast. He talks about McGregor’s advanced movement technique and…