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Frank Shamrock.

Bound by Blood : Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock : Bound by Blood Bound by Blood takes a look at one of the founding fighters of modern mma, Frank Shamrock. We get insight into Franks early life, when at 12 years of age he found himself sitting in a…

Rollin in dakar.

Rollin’ In Dakar

Rollin’ In Dakar – The Rise of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in West Africa (full film) by Genghis Con Brazilian jiu Jitsu (BJJ) seminars, mixed martial arts (MMA) exhibitions, traditional Laamb wrestling, and a beach tournament in West Africa organized by…


RARE Pre UFC 1981 Real Bloodsport

Pre UFC 1981 Real Bloodsport Hong Kong Kumite KO MMA Fights Fighting of all types has always taken place right down through the centuries. Before mixed martial arts was a fully sanctioned sport across much of the globe. All types…

Nick Diaz boxing.


Nick Diaz demonstrates 10 Punch Combinations which define his style Here is  a pretty cool video of Nick Diaz giving us some insight into his unorthodox boxing style. We get to see a total of ten punch comninations which to many…

Stuart cooper.

Where In The World Is Stuart Cooper?

Where In The World Is Stuart Cooper? Another short documentary from the Uncle travelling Matt of the Jiu Jitsu world, Stuart Cooper. Stuart gives us the low down on why and how he finds himself, making documentaries and travelling the world….