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Metamoris 4.

DELETED SCENES from Metamoris 4

Metamoris 4 The DELETED SCENES Metamoris 4 deleted scenes offers us insight into burning questions like! Does Chael Sonnen train in a Gi? Can Galvao hula hoop? How many times can Vinny Magalhaes say the word, “Like” in 20 seconds?…

John Kavanagh.

The Godfather Of Irish MMA – John Kavanagh

John Kavanagh – The Godfather Of Irish MMA In the first in a series of short documentaries, College Times profiles John Kavanagh; top MMA coach, Ireland’s first BJJ black belt, and the owner of Straight Blast Gym – the home…

ADCC 2013.

The Road To Glory E01 – ADCC 2013 Beijing China

ADCC 2013 Beijing China – The Road To Glory Episode 1 ADCC 2013, the Road to Glory is the latest installment from Stuart Cooper Films. Here we get insight into the preparations for the Submission Wrestling World Championships. As ever…

Legends of Cage Warriors.

Legends of Cage Warriors: Eire

Legends of Cage Warriors:¬†Joseph Duffy & Conor McGregor In the second instalment of a brand new series, ‘Legends of Cage Warriors‘ profiles both former Two Division CWFC Champion Conor McGregor and Joseph Duffy. Joseph Duffy returns to mixed martial arts…

Muay Thai.

Full Documentary – Muay Thai-Born For The Fight

Muay Thai – Born For The Fight Muay Thai, perhaps the single most efficient and destructive stand up martial art on the planet. This documentary takes us on a journey explaining the origins of the sport. How it’s longevity arose…