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Roy Dean.

You Are More Capable Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Roy Dean – You Are More Capable Than You Can Possibly Imagine Going from being a brown belt training students in San Diego. Roy Dean decided to follow his vision. So he quit his job, up sticks and move to…

Cathal Pendred.

Cathal Pendred 2013 MMA Highlights

Cathal Pendred 2013 MMA Highlights With his latest spell on the The Ultimate Fighter series. We are sure to be seeing alot more from the Dublin SBG fighter Cathal Pendred in the very near future. Here are just some highlights from…

Kurt Osiander.

Kurt Osiander Documentary by Stuart Cooper

Kurt Osiander Documentary – My Goal Is Not Just To Teach You JiuJitsu As the title reads, the goal of Kurt Osiander is not to simply to teach you JiuJitsu. He is a man who likes to study subjects such as…

Gunnar Nelson.

Calm in the Moment | Gunnar Nelson

Gunnar Nelson Highlights A really nice highlight reel of Gunnar Nelson, who is the co main event on the upcoming UFC Dublin card July 19th 2014. For those not too familiar with the highly touted Icelander and his exploits. You get…

Calcio Fiorentino.

Taking one for the Team at Calcio Fiorentino

Calcio Fiorentino The Hardest Team Sport in The World So you take two teams of men, put them into a sectioned off area covered loosely with soil. Mix in a little soccer, some rugby and a whole lot of fighting…