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Video can show footage of any subject matter we choose to show.

Gracie vs. Kimura.

Helio Gracie vs. Masahiko Kimura – October 23, 1951

Helio Gracie vs. Masahiko Kimura – October 23, 1951 Maracanã Stadium – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil On October 23, 1951, Helio Gracie faced Masahiko Kimura who outweighed him by nearly 80 lbs. It was the first time that a jiu-jitsu world championship…

Myanmar Lethwei Kickboxing.

Myanmar Lethwei Kickboxing with Head butts

Myanmar Lethwei Kickboxing with Head butts Lone Chaw vs. Wunna We are all familiar with the sport of Muay Thai, sometimes referred to as Thai boxing. Well what about Myanmar Lethwei Kickboxing, pronounced Let Whay (Lethwei). An unarmed form of martial…

Episode 4 Phuket dreaming.

Phuket Dreaming Episode 4 – “Fulltime Killers”

Phuket Dreaming Episode 4 – “Fulltime Killers” In the fourth episode of Phuket Dreaming, Phuket Top Team’s Rob Lisita Fights Eric Kelly at OneFC 18. Luke Jumeau continues his training while looking for a fight and Rany Saadeh has his…

Daniel Cormier the belt.

Daniel Cormier – The BELT

Daniel Cormier Prepares for the Biggest Fight of his Life – The BELT We don’t think anyone is doubting that Daniel Cormier is one if not the biggest threat to the dominance of LHW Champion Jon Jones. Come take a…

Countdown to UFC 182 Jones vs Cormier.

Countdown to UFC 182: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

Countdown to UFC 182: Bad Blood & Insults it’s Jones vs. Cormier It’s Countdown to UFC 182 as the bad blood between Light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier is ready to be settled. We go behind the scenes…

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