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The very best in video breakdowns of fighters and famous fights, both past, present and future.

Conor McGregor Movement Training Explained.

Video Conor McGregor’s Movement Training Explained

Conor McGregor’s Movement Training Explained A really nice breakdown video which focuses on the philosophy and physiology of movement and in this case focusing on┬áConor McGregor. With analysis of styles and techniques we get some fascinating insight into how the…

Andy souwer mma striking.

Andy Souwer: High-Level Strikers in MMA

High-Level Strikers in MMA: Andy Souwer Andy Souwer is a Dutch kickboxer. He is two time K-1 World MAX champion (2005, 2007), fighting out of Mejiro Gym, Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is a long-time training partner of Jose Aldo at Nova…

Fabricio werdum ufc heavyweight champion.

Fabricio Werdum: Duality in MMA – Breakdown / Film Study

Fabricio Werdum: Duality in MMA – Film Study/Breakdown Many people ask me about the duality logo that I put at the end of my videos, I wanted to address in video form. I think the best example of the importance…