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The very best in video breakdowns of fighters and famous fights, both past, present and future.

Southpaw yodsanklai fairtex tko of salah khalifa.

The (Southpaw) Masters of Muay Thai

The (Southpaw) Masters of Muay Thai Their fight IQ is like a point guard’s court vision, or a quarterback’s pocket presence. Calm amidst the storm. The southpaw is dangerous, the different stance creating power from different angles. The majority of…

Luke Rockhold knockout kick Michael Bisping.

The Advanced (Martial) Art of Feinting

The Advanced (Martial) Art of Feinting Feints are maneuvers designed to distract or mislead, done by giving the impression that a certain maneuver will take place, while in fact another, or even none, will. They vary from novice level things…