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The Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion is the most widely known promoter of Mixed Martial Arts in the world.

Andy Ryan head coach at Team Ryano..

Andy Ryan Talks Seery, UFC & Battlezone FC

Head Coach Andy Ryan on Neil Seery’s injury, UFC & Battlezone Fighting Championships Andy Ryan is a very busy man. Between running his own gyms and promoting the upcoming Battlezone Fighting Championships card November 22nd, he’s got alot on his…

Conor Mcgregor interview 2008.

Conor McGregor Exclusive Interview Before Fame 2008

Conor McGregor Before Fame Exclusive Interview 2008 Conor McGregor in an exclusive interview from 2008, before any of the current wave of fame which has seen the Irishman rise to the top of the UFC. In it he outlines his…

Neil Seery at Team Ryano.

Neil Seery on MMA and Ozzy Soaps

Neil Seery Talks About His Upcoming Fight and Skippy Five minutes walk from the heart of Finglas town centre Dublin. Nestled snuggly in a first floor unit, in an unassuming business park you will find Team Ryano. Hq for one…

Alpha males Aldo Mendes.

Alpha male vs Alpha male, Aldo vs Mendes!

Two Alpha Males When two Alpha Males fight the World should take notice and that’s whats happening this coming Saturday! I have a weird idea about fighters and how good they are and what their potential is, and some will…

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