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The Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion is the most widely known promoter of Mixed Martial Arts in the world.

Paul Redmond fighting at UFC Glasgow.

Paul Redmond: One Night in Stockholm & UFC Glasgow

Paul Redmond Recounts the Swedish Experience and Fighting in Glasgow We caught up with Team Ryano Stalwart Paul Redmond before the Ultimate fighting Championships first visit to Scotland at UFC Glasgow this weekend. We wanted to hear about his rushed first appearance for…

Conor McGregor, A Lot Done…More To Do!

Conor McGregor: Taking Hold of the Spotlight Conor McGregor…how does he do it? A man that has changed the game in two years, it is phenomenal and insane at the same time. A kid from cage warriors who talked enough…

Paddy Holohan UFC Glasgow pre fight interview.

Paddy Holohan UFC Glasgow, Nicknames & SBG Tallaght

Paddy Holohan on New Gyms, Nicknames & UFC Glasgow The last time we saw Paddy Holohan in action was January of this year when he scored a unanimous decision victory over Shane Howell. Now the Hooligan is back inside the octagon…

Yoel Romero UFC fighter and God fan.

God in the Ring – With MMA Fighters

God in the Ring – For all Creeds The klaxon, bell or horn sounds the end of a contest in which every crunch of bone, weaving of joint and ecstatic burst of adrenaline marked zenith and counterpoint of both combatants’…

Rory MacDdonald UFC 189 welterweight fight.

With Rory MacDonald We Thought it Would be Canada’s Division

Rory MacDonald and the Could Have Been Canadian Divison As a Canadian and as a Mix Martial Artist fan, UFC 189 was supposed to re-establish Canada’s hold on the welterweight division. Beginning with Carlos Newton’s short stint as the champion…