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The Ultimate Fighting Championship promotion is the most widely known promoter of Mixed Martial Arts in the world.

Demetrious Johnson UFC 215 career defining.

UFC 215 Countdown: Johnson vs Borg Full Episode

UFC 215 Countdown: Full Episode Sitting on the cusp of breaking the middleweight legend Anderson Silva’s record for title defenses. P4p great Demetrious “Mightymouse” Johnson and his longtime coach brace for a career-defining moment. But waiting in the wings to…

Conor McGregor emotional post fight.

Post Fight Footage of an Emotional Conor McGregor in His Locker Room

Post fight footage of an emotional Conor McGregor in his locker room. UFC President Dana White has nothing but praise for the UFC lightweight Champion. Following his loss in his monumental boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather. #mma #ufc #martialarts #mixedmartialarts…

Knockouts in the UFC.

Career Changing Knockouts in UFC

Career Changing Knockouts in UFC This is not a top 5! it is 5 knockouts but it is not a top 5. This will be a multi series because there is so many career changing knockouts! Write down in the…

Jon Jones passes USADA test UFC 214.

Jon Jones Passed His USADA Blood Test the Night of the Fight

Jon Jones Passes His USADA Blood Test UFC 214 Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub discussing the latest piece of news. In relation to the Jon Jones doping controversy. As the plot thickens with new information on the Jones passing his…