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A selection o video content from UFC on Fox. A dedicated channel which showcases interviews, documentaries and commentary on the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

ufc 184 rousey faces zingano.

UFC 184 Training Day: Rousey vs Zingano – Part 1

UFC 184 Training Day: Rowdy vs Alpha – Part 1 It’s UFC 184 as reigning women’s bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey and her number one challenger ‘Alpha’ Cat Zingano face off this weekend. We get to go behind the scenes during their training…

Benson Henderson vs Brandon thatch.

Strikezone and Predictions: Henderson vs Thatch

Henderson vs Thatch: Strikezone and Predictions UFC Tonight makes their predictions for Henderson vs Thatch this coming weekend. Daniel Cormier is accompanied by fellow UFC fighters Michael Bisping and the flyweight champions Demetrious Johnson. s they break down who they believe will…

Conor mcgregor making a case.

Conor McGregor Makes His Case for a Title Shot: Fighters Cut

Conor McGregor Makes His Case for a Title Shot Conor McGregor bring us through his fight with striker Dustin Poirier. Believing he had already defeated the man from Louisiana before he had even entered the octagon. Step by step we…

UFC Dublin Conor McGregor walkout.

Conor McGregor ’s Fighting Irish: Fighters Cut

Conor McGregor ’s Fighting Irish: Fighters Cut Relive the moment Irish phenom Conor McGregor did his walkout at UFC Dublin.  Step by step he talks us through the sights and emotions as he entered into the arena that faithful night July…