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A series of international podcasts from the world of mixed martial arts.

Jon Jones passes USADA test UFC 214.

Jon Jones Passed His USADA Blood Test the Night of the Fight

Jon Jones Passes His USADA Blood Test UFC 214 Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub discussing the latest piece of news. In relation to the Jon Jones doping controversy. As the plot thickens with new information on the Jones passing his…

Mayweather-McGregor special episode.

OFT #78 | Mayweather-McGregor Recap w/ Wayne McCullough + More Guests

Mayweather-McGregor Recap w/ Wayne McCullough, Dorman + More | OFT #78 On this episode of the show, former WBC bantamweight champion Wayne “The Pocket Rocket” McCullough joined Noel & Rob to recap and analyse the Mayweather-McGregor mega-fight. McCullough, who praised…

Joey Diaz Edible story.

Joey Diaz’s Edible Moment – JRE Toon

Joey Diaz Edible Story on JRE Toon Joey Diaz recounting yet another moment on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Diaz is a guy who is known for doing things to excess. In this instance, he recounts the story about finding…