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The latest news from the world of Mixed martial arts.

UFC 194 conor mcgregor wins.

UFC 194, Mcgregor, Bandwagons and Naysayers

UFC 194 – Mcgregor, Bandwagons and of Course the Naysayers Yet another massive Irish sporting weekend is in the books and yet again, naysayers have taken to social media to undermine and begrudge the achievements of the soon to be…

Conor McGregor: Follow Your Dreams

Conor McGregor Becomes the Undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion As the non MMA world woke up Sunday morning to the news, that Ireland’s Conor McGregor had become the unified UFC featherweight champion. Few could have predicted the actual circumstances in which…

Rousey knocked out by holly holm.

Keego on Rousey v Holm

Another mega event, another unexpected result… This is Keego on Rousey v Holm from Australia. So there you have it. Mike Tyson of MMa has been beaten. Not just beaten but destroyed. The reaction has ranged from ‘it’s all over now…

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