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Bare Knuckle Muay Boran Drilling Brendan Dorman.

Bare Knuckle / Muay Boran Drill [Light Sparring] ‘Irish Swag’

Muay Boran/Bare Knuckle Drill [Light Sparring] ‘Irish Swag’ (Song in Description) This is a light sparring drill I always do called the “Muay Boran” drill, for reasons vaguely explained below. It’s a good way to practice some real sparring scenarios…

Jose Aldo Muay Thai coach Alex Chadud

Jose Aldo Muay Thai Coach Alex Chadud Exclusive Interview

Jose Aldo’s Muay Thai Coach Alex Chadud Talks UFC 189 We go behind the scenes and inside Jose Aldo’s training camp at Nova Uniao to speak with Alex Chadud, the featherweight champions long time Muay Thai Coach. He gave us…

John wayne Parr talks CMT & JRE

John Wayne Parr on CMT and Joe Rogan

John Wayne Parr on his Joe Rogan Experience and Cage Muay Thai John Wayne Parr is a legend in the world of Muay Thai. The “Gunslinger” has won 10 world titles and has forged a successful career as a professional…

John wayne parr & Joe rogan sparring.

John Wayne Parr and Joe Rogan Sparring and Holding Pads

John Wayne Parr & Joe Rogan Padwork and Sparring Multiple time World Muay thai champion John Wayne Parr sparring with Joe Rogan after they finished recording the JRE podcast. The two got in a session of padwork followed by some…

John wayne parr Blessed with Venom.

John Wayne Parr: Blessed with Venom

John Wayne Parr Blessed with Venom documentary The John Wayne Parr documentary Blessed with Venom, which was released 2011. We hear from those in his life who helped John in achievinghis dreams to become a Muay Thai fighter. John travels to Thailand…