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Muay Thai live from Thailand.

Live Muay Thai From Bangkok and Cambodia

Live Muay Thai on Micks *IF THE STREAM STOPS – TRY REFRESHING THE PAGE* Live Muay Thai, what more could you ask for all the way from Bangkok Thailand. As well as from its nearby neighbour Cambodia. One of the…

Crazy Muay Thai exchange.

One of the Craziest Fights in Muay Thai History.

Muay Thai Fighters Throwing Amazing Elbow Strike Combinations You may have already guessed it by now. But here at Micks, we love a bit of good Muay Thai. Not only one of the most exciting and devastating stand-up combat sports…

Lion fight fighters.

Lion Fight: The Best Kept Secret In Combat Sport

Lion Fight: The Best Kept Secret In Combat Sport Most of you will have heard of Lion Fight but the more people I speak to about it, the more I realise how few of us real combat sport fanatics have…

Prince vs Prince: Bigtime Kickboxing Is Back

The Prince of Kickboxing Rico Verhoeven vs The Devil Prince Badr Hari It’s here. It’s actually happening. The biggest fight we could possibly have imagined is taking place next weekend in Oberhausen, Germany. I hate to sound like a hypemaster…