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MMA or Mixed martial arts covers all forms of Martial arts within the sport.

CM Punk and Brock Lesnar.

CM Punk: The Transition to Mixed Martial Arts

CM Punk’s Transition to the World of MMA Although many people agree that the future of Mixed Martial Arts will come from the new generation that have been cross-training from day one of their MMA career, nonetheless those transitioning from…

Ed Soares & Anderson Silva. UFC

Ed Soares Talks Anderson Silva, Aldo, McGregor & Stadium Fights

Ed Soares on Anderson Silva’s Return, Chael P Sonnen and Potential Aldo vs McGregor in Ireland Ed Soares is a promoter and manager for some of the most famous athletes in all of mixed martial arts. With fighters such as Anderson Silva, Antônio Rodrigo…

Anthony Pettis.

Anthony Pettis Superstar?

Anthony Pettis Needs to Get a Move On.. Why isn`t Anthony Pettis a UFC Superstar? Just look at the man! His fights are a highlight real of awesomeness…and for F**K Sake in the words of Stephan Bonnar, “He ran up…

Audience at UFC event.

The Power of Money : What Makes a Good Draw

What Makes a Good Draw: The Power of Money In the world of combat sports, money can often count for more than talent. A quick look over to our neighbouring sport of boxing and you’ll see names like Andre Ward and…

Weight cut Time.

Pro Fighter Darragh Kennedy Talks Weight Cutting

Darragh Kennedy on the Dreaded Weight Cut The dreaded weight cut, that time leading up to a fight when a fighter must sacrifice all those things we take for granted, like favourite foods and not having to gorge on endless gallons of…