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MMA or Mixed martial arts covers all forms of Martial arts within the sport.

Strange Wolves Podcast Hallowe'en special!

Halloween Special: Strange Wolves

Halloween Special: Strange Wolves As ever, if you’re under 18, go away. It’s the Strange Wolves Podcast Hallowe’en special! Race, religion, politics, gender, Van Damme movies, it’s all fair game here. Vinny, John, Marcus and Tom tackle this month’s big…

Bill Goldberg special guest on Rutten and Ranallo.

Bill Goldberg: Rutten & Ranallo Podcast: 35

35: Bill Goldberg: Rutten & Ranallo Podcast Producer Vicky Pezza is away so it’s a stripped down edition of the Podcast of Positivity (Bas & I are wearing nothing but ME UNDIES) Guest is BILL GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! GOLDBERG! F:…

Brian M. Cain on Rutten and Ranallo.

Brian Cain : Rutten & Ranallo Podcast: 34

34: Brian Cain: Rutten & Ranallo Podcast Mauro Ranallo & Bas Rutten present the animated feature: Jack Daw! We find out What’s Up, Bas, and ask…what’s up with James Ellsworth?! Combat Sports Carousel covers GSP, UFC, McGregor, Ortiz vs Sonnen,…

Daniel Bryan joins Mauro for a great conversation.

Daniel Bryan: Rutten & Ranallo Podcast 33

33: Daniel Bryan: Rutten & Ranallo Podcast Bas Rutten & Mauro Ranallo discuss What’s Up Bas, ride the Combat Sports Carousel, and see what’s trending on #Hashtag. Then… YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan joins Mauro for a great conversation about…