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MMA or Mixed martial arts covers all forms of Martial arts within the sport.

Jon Jones.

Jon Jones: Hero To Heel

Jon Jones: Hero To Heel [dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]J[/dropcap]on Jones holds several distinctions in the world of Mixed Martial Arts: Pound for Pound #1, youngest champion in UFC history, most successful/consecutive light heavyweight title defenses and so on. However, he is…

Urijah Faber.

The Curious Case of: Urijah Faber

[dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]H[/dropcap]ow cool is Urijah Faber? In all seriousness he is about as cool as a fighter can get, he is the definition of a surfer dude, from his California looks to the laid back manner in which he…

GSP training.

Aspects of Professional Fighters Lifestyles that can Benefit the Amateurs

Aspects of Professional Fighters Lifestyles that can Benefit the Amateurs [dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]G[/dropcap]ary Cook former CEO of Manchester City and now Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa for the UFC,¬†was recently on Talksports to…


Testosterone the Dirtiest Word in Sport

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Sports Dirty Little secret [dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]W[/dropcap]here can I get my hands on some testosterone replacement therapy? How can I turn myself into an unstoppable machine? Burn off all this excess bodyfat, turn back the clock at…

Smashing machine.

The Smashing Machine

Part One: Part Two: Part Three: Mark Kerr the Smashing Machine [dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]B[/dropcap]efore Mixed Martial Arts became a mainstream sport. Before there were huge pay per view cards, thousands of screaming fans and fan paraphernalia, there was Vale Tudo¬†Brazil,…