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MMA or Mixed martial arts covers all forms of Martial arts within the sport.

Does Bisping deserve the Rockhold Fight?

Is Bisping Worthy? Saying a fighter does not deserve a certain fight is very risky, fighters train three times a day and live an incredibly demanding lifestyle just for the opportunity to step into a cage and battle one of the…

UFC mousasi jacare.

Rejoice and Stop all the UFC Hate

UFC Is Getting Some Hate Lately To say UFC 177 took some heat last weekend is to leaving it light, but whether it was deserved or not(it was), its over and done with. It turned out to be as most…

kumite Belfast.

Kumite – Belfast – 20/08/14

Some images from a great night of fights, which took place at Kumite in the Waterfront hotel in Belfast last weekend. Photographer Lee Morrison was on location to capture some of the most striking images from the nights action. Talented…

Joe stevenson.

Mind Over MMAtter

Mind Over MMAtter: Fighters, Fans and the Big Fat Disappointment Consistent throughout all sports, an athlete’s fortunes can shift drastically overnight. It can happen to prospects, underdogs, champions, or a team of all three. It can be disappointing, deflating, completely…