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Prospect Paige vanzant ufc.

Top 5: Prospects in The UFC / MMA

Top 5 Prospects in MMA Highlight / Breakdown / Analysis Following UFC 192 Brendan Dorman felt a little motivated to do another top 5 list. This is a subjective list of his top 5 prospects in the UFC/MMA. He says…

Jeff Monson Vs Fedor Emelianenko.

Jeff Monson Reflects on Fedor Emelianenko Fight

Jeff Monson Talks indepth about Fedor Emelianenko and Vladimir Putin at M1 Global UFC and Pride veteran Jeff MonsonĀ is the subject of another excellent short film interview by British film maker Bobby Razak. In this one on one interview Monson…

Demetrious johnson p4p greatest.

Demetrious Johnson ‘Mighty Mouse’ Video Breakdown / Study

Demetrious Johnson ‘Mighty Mouse’ Film Study / Highlights Demetrious Johnson, after his recent bell to bell domination of consensus #2 125lb. Mixed Martial Artist in the world, John Dodson, solidified the idea I was already floating a bit that he…

Rare mma submissions top 20.

Top 20 RARE MMA Submissions from Real Fights

Top 20 RARE MMA Submissions from Real Fights minus Big Promotions! The 20 most RARE MMA submissions from the real fights. Unfortunately there are no UFC, Strikeforce or Pride included as the copyright monsters will be following quick sharp. Below…

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