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Legends of Cage Warriors.

Legends of Cage Warriors: Eire

Legends of Cage Warriors: Joseph Duffy & Conor McGregor In the second instalment of a brand new series, ‘Legends of Cage Warriors‘ profiles both former Two Division CWFC Champion Conor McGregor and Joseph Duffy. Joseph Duffy returns to mixed martial arts…

Gunnar Nelson.

Calm in the Moment | Gunnar Nelson

Gunnar Nelson Highlights A really nice highlight reel of Gunnar Nelson, who is the co main event on the upcoming UFC Dublin card July 19th 2014. For those not too familiar with the highly touted Icelander and his exploits. You get…

Frank Shamrock.

Bound by Blood : Frank Shamrock

Frank Shamrock : Bound by Blood Bound by Blood takes a look at one of the founding fighters of modern mma, Frank Shamrock. We get insight into Franks early life, when at 12 years of age he found himself sitting in a…

Atomic butt drop.

The Atomic Buttdrop – OMG moments in MMA

In mixed martial arts we are regularly exposed to scenes of bravery, toughness and athletic ability, unsurpassed in modern sports. Sprinkled into that mix are moments when we often have to ask ourselves, did that just happen? These instances can range from sheer…

Nick Diaz boxing.


Nick Diaz demonstrates 10 Punch Combinations which define his style Here is  a pretty cool video of Nick Diaz giving us some insight into his unorthodox boxing style. We get to see a total of ten punch comninations which to many…