Tag: Kickboxing

Content which covers the sport of kickboxing. From both fighters and fights within the sport.

Artem Levin speaks with James Woods of mma micks.

Artem Levin On Kickboxing, Officiating & His Career

Artem Levin On Kickboxing, Officiating & His Career – Can you remember that first moment when the sport of Kickboxing captivated your attention? And how long was it before you realized you wanted to make a career out of it?…

Glory 32 Gabriel Varga discusses his fight.

GLORY 32: Being #2 is not Enough for Former Champion Gabriel Varga

GLORY 32: Former World champion Gabriel Varga #2 is not enough The former featherweight champion Gabriel Varga talks about his mindset. As he heads into his Friday fight with current champion Serhiy Adamchuk at GLORY 32 VIRGINIA. Varga discusses his…

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