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Glory World Series is a premier kickboxing promotion hosting some of the world’s elite level fighters.

GLORY Collision Germany Verhoeven vs hari.

GLORY Collision: Rico vs. Badr Trailer

GLORY Collision: Rico vs. Badr Trailer In whats set to be one of the biggest kickboxing fights in a very long time. Fans will finally get to see the current Glory kickboxing Heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven. Face off against The…

Countdown to GLORY 33 on September 9th.

GLORY 33 New Jersey: The Countdown

GLORY 33 New Jersey Countdown It’s Countdown to Glory 33 as we go inside the lives of the fighters for the upcoming card. On September the 9th, live from New Jersey USA. With 10 fights and 2 title challenges. The…

Glory 32 Gabriel Varga discusses his fight.

GLORY 32: Being #2 is not Enough for Former Champion Gabriel Varga

GLORY 32: Former World champion Gabriel Varga #2 is not enough The former featherweight champion Gabriel Varga talks about his mindset. As he heads into his Friday fight with current champion Serhiy Adamchuk at GLORY 32 VIRGINIA. Varga discusses his…