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Glory World Series is a premier kickboxing promotion hosting some of the world’s elite level fighters.

Glory Collision coach "Big Mike" Mike Passenier, teammate Murthel Groenhart

Inside @GLORY_WS: Collision, Episode 2

Inside GLORY: Collision, episode Two It’s time for “Inside GLORY Collision,” episode two. As we take an exclusive look at the specialised training Badr Hari undergoes before his title fight against Glory kickboxing heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven. Featuring interviews with…

Rico Verhoeven Todd Grisham interview.

Rico Verhoeven @GLORY_WS Collision Countdown Exclusive Interview

GLORY Collision Countdown: Rico Verhoeven Exclusive Interview with Todd Grisham Reigning Glory kickboxing world heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven. Sat down to chat with GLORY commentator, Todd Grisham to discuss his upcoming bout with kickboxing legend Badr Hari. Verhoeven is confident…

Prince vs Prince: Bigtime Kickboxing Is Back

The Prince of Kickboxing Rico Verhoeven vs The Devil Prince Badr Hari It’s here. It’s actually happening. The biggest fight we could possibly have imagined is taking place next weekend in Oberhausen, Germany. I hate to sound like a hypemaster…

Badr Hari exclusieve Todd Grisham interview.

Badr Hari Exclusive Interview: GLORY Collision Countdown

Badr Hari GLORY Collision Countdown Exclusive Interview with Todd Grisham Kickboxing’s bad boy Badr Hari sat down with GLORY commentator, Todd Grisham to talk about his legacy in the sport. His relationship with his family life. And of course what…