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Andy Lee takes on Peter Quillin.

Andy Lee vs Peter Quillin: All 12 Rounds

Andy Lee vs Peter Quillin in their Non Tile Fight Andy Lee faced off against Peter Quillin at middleweight in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday night. All round a very closely fought contest with Quillin putting Lee down a…

Mike Tyson on success and motivation.

The BEST Mike Tyson Interview on What it Takes to be Great

The BEST Mike Tyson Interview on Success and Motivation One of the very best Mike Tyson interviews where he talks about success and what it takes to achieve it in any sport. Tyson has always been ahead of his time…

Wayne McCullough The pocket rocket.

Wayne McCullough on Mayweather and UFC

Wayne McCullough Talks Floyd Mayweather, MMA and the UFC Wayne McCullough is one of Ireland’s finest ever boxers. He possessed the technical skills necessary to procure an Olympic silver medal and become a world champion, but his heart and never say…

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