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Anthony joshua with bear grylls.

Bear’s Mission with Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua on Bear’s Mission The unified world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua takes on all that mother nature has to offer in Bear’s Grylls Mission. After the pair are dropped on one of the UK’s wildest and most iconic…

Mike tyson knocks out Trevor Berbick.

Mike Tyson Knocks Out Trevor Berbick This Day November 22, 1986

 Mike Tyson KOs Trevor Berbick 1986 With Rare Post Fight Interview Mike Tyson announces himself on the world heavyweight stage by knocking out the current WBC champion Trevor Berbick. In a scene which was to become synonymous with the…

Hardest punchers in boxing 2017.

Top 25 Hardest Punchers In Boxing | 2017

Top 25 Hardest Punchers In Boxing | 2017 The very best one-hitter quitters from the sport of boxing in 2017. Top prospects, contenders, and champions including world heavyweight champions Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. All in one ‘Hard Hitting’ top…

Anthony Joshua dark side.

The Dark Side Of Boxer Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua: The Dark Side World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is often seen as a humble big friendly giant. But beneath the surface, a different/darker side seems to be looming. We take a closer look at the 25olb champion who has…