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Justin Gaethje podcast analysis.

FGB 45: The Church of Gaethje

FGB 45: The Church of Gaethje Jack Slack is back with Fights Gone By! He reviews the successful arrival of Justin Gaethje in the UFC. With a rock em sock, potential fight of the year slugfest, against Michael Johnson. And…

Robert Whittaker to beat Yoel Romero.

Robert Whittaker the Fighter to Beat Yoel Romero Says Frank Mir

Robert Whittaker Can Beat Yoel Romero Says Frank Mir The former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir breaks down this weekend’s middleweight matchup. Between wrestling phenom Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker. Frank admits from the get-go that he’s somewhat biased toward…

Yoel Romero versus Robert Whittaker.

Fights Gone By #44: UFC 213 – Don’t Taint Me, Bro

UFC 213: Fights Gone By #44 – Don’t Taint Me, Bro Jack Slack is Back! This time he is discussing the number one contender fight in the UFC middleweight division. Between number one Yoel Romero and the number three ranked Robert Whittaker….

Robert Whittaker stops Yoel Romero.

Robert whittaker Will KO Yoel Romero says Michael Bisping

  Robert Whittaker Will TKO Yoel Romero Says, The Count Michael Bisping believes that Yoel Romero’s wild punching style will leave him open to counter striking. And he thinks that Robert Whittaker will be able to pick him apart as…