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Fighter psychology.

The Winning Game with Sports Psychology

Richard Shanahan on┬áSports Psychology More and more these days we hear about how important the mental game plays in the performance of an athlete. With that in mind we felt it was time to speak with an expert in the…

Peter Lavery.

Lets Get It On! We Talk with Peter Lavery Referee

All Things MMA With Referee Peter Lavery [dropcap color=”#888″ type=”square”]W[/dropcap]e caught up with one of thee most well know faces in Irish mixed martial arts, referee Peter Lavery. Peter was kind enough to answer our questions honestly and openly and…

MMA in New York.

The Fight for Legalisation: MMA Vs New York

The Fight For Legalisation: MMA VS New York MMA is a global phenomenon. The UFC, the largest MMA organisation in the world now has major cities bidding against each other for the opportunity to host one of their events and…

Getting choked out.

Meet Brian Freeman AKA Wheelchairjitsu

Meet Brian Freeman AKA Wheelchairjitsu When Brian Freeman went to undergo surgery for a long standing back problem after being involved in a car crash while on active duty with the US Navy. Little did he know that when he…