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Robert Whittaker middleweight champ.

The Middleweight Saga

The Middleweight Saga Guest post by Ciro Crispino “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” We were so close my friends, so damn close. GSP relinquished the middleweight title and Whittaker was the undisputed champ, set…

Stipe Miocic versus francis Ngannou.

Stipe and Francis: The Two Rockys

Stipe and Francis: The Two Rockys Guest post by Ciro Crispino It’s the middle of the night. Rain is assaulting glass and a parade of lightning dances in the distance. A man sits bolt upright in bed, thick beads of sweat…

Vitor Belfort retires from Mixed martial Arts.

Saying Goodbye to the Phenom Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort Officially Retires After 21 Years Depending on how long you have been around the sport of mixed martial arts. A fighter such as Vitor Belfort could represent a number of things. To some, he could the ferocious young Phenom…

Stipe Miocic vs francis Ngannou ufc 220 fight.

Stipe Miocic: The Predator and The Prey UFC 220

Stipe Miocic Takes on The Predator UFC 220 Since time and memorial, the heavyweight champion of the world has always been deemed the baddest man on the planet. Whether it was K1, boxing or now in mixed martial arts. In…

Cris cyborg terminator machine.

Cris Cyborg: Rise of the Machine

Cris Cyborg: Rise of the Machine Stalking the 145lb women’s division for more than a decade. Cris Cyborg now reigns supreme as the greatest women’s featherweight on the planet. Outside of her first fight as a professional back in 2005,…