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United ireland in mixed martial arts.

A United Ireland: MMA

A United Ireland: Mixed Martial Arts As one of the little guys of this world, Ireland has always gotten behind its sports stars. You could cynically call it a symptom of an inferiority complex, and you might be right: we’ve…

Gina Carano mma fighter.

Boudicca: Ladies MMA First

Oi, Nero! Boudicca Would Like a Word! “It’s shit.” The oft-opined maxim of the knuckle-dragging misogynist, and when it comes to women fighters, it’s the only one that makes me seethe. Oh, I’m not easy to get a rise out…

Wayne McCullough The pocket rocket.

Wayne McCullough on Mayweather and UFC

Wayne McCullough Talks Floyd Mayweather, MMA and the UFC Wayne McCullough is one of Ireland’s finest ever boxers. He possessed the technical skills necessary to procure an Olympic silver medal and become a world champion, but his heart and never say…

Rosi Sexton on mma.

Rosi Sexton Talks Women’s MMA It’s Past, Present & Rousey

Rosi Sexton on Past Present & Future of Women’s MMA When you talk about womens Mixed Martial Arts in Europe, one name above all others springs to mind. That of the now retired veteran fighter Rosi Sexton. Britain’s First Lady…

Jens Pulver mixed martial artist

Jens Pulver – A Warrior Much Overlooked

Jens Pulver is a Warrior Much Overlooked When Jens Pulver lost five straight and got cut by the Zuffa-owned WEC back in 2009, most in the MMA community assumed it would be the end for the former UFC Lightweight champion, however…