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Dan severn ufc heavyweight champion.

Dan Severn: Release The Beast Part 2 of our Interview

Dan “The Beast” Severn in Part 2 of our Interview with the UFC Hall of Famer Check out part 1 of our interview right here Do you think fighters get paid enough? No, look at boxing. When you think about…

Dan severn against royce gracie ufc 5.

Dan “The Beast” Severn Interview: Part 1

Dan Severn Talks About his MMA Career, Including Becoming the UFC Champion, How Professional Wrestling Influenced his Career and Gives his Thoughts on Ken Shamrock & Royce Gracie A man who needs no introduction, though deserves one. Dan Severn is a…

Dada5000 in cage at mma event.

DADA5000: Part 2 of our Top Dawg Interview

DADA5000: Top Dawg Interview Part 2 Check out Part 1 of the interview here. This is part 2 of MMAMicks’ interview with DADA5000 who will be fighting none other than Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149. Check out what DADA5000 says…

Dada 5000 faces kimbo slice bellator 149.

DADA 5000: Top Dawg Interview Part 1

DADA 5000 Interview Part 1 in a two Part Series West Perrine is a poverty stricken community in Miami, Florida, USA where one third of the population is unemployed and 34.4% of the population is under the National Poverty line….

The Art of Colour Commentary

The Art of Colour Commentary As Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow in the consciousness of the public, the importance of a strong broadcast team becomes ever more important. Whilst some organisations go the tried and tested root of a…