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Colby covington fights at UFC 225.

Colby Covington – Embrace the Chaos

Colby Covington and the “Chaos” October 28th, 2017: A UFC welterweight from the state of Oregon stands in front of ten thousand rabid Brazilians. He calls Brazil a “dump”, and calls the people of Brazil “filthy animals.” Colby Covington had…

Michael Bisping former UFC champion.

Michael Bisping – (Never) Counted Out: Part 1

Michael Bisping: A Retrospective And just like that, the sun sets on the career of “The Count”, Michael Bisping. On Monday, May 28th, Bisping announced on his podcast, Believe You Me, that he was calling it a day. He ends…

Nick Diaz UFC welterweight comeback.

Nick Diaz: The Hero MMA Deserves?

Is Nick Diaz The Hero MMA Deserves And Needs? People often say things like “the UFC needs Conor McGregor” or “heavyweight boxing needs Tyson Fury.” These things are, of course, debatable, and in reference to a healthy economy and divisional…

Justin Gaethje against Dustin Poirier UFC Glendale.

Gaethje vs Poirier and The Lightweight Big Drama Show

Justin Gaethje vs Dustin Poirier The Lightweight Bottleneck So alot was finally settled over the previous weekend. While at the same time, many  more questions were left unanswered, if that makes any sense? Right now, in the lightweight division, Khabib…