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Nick Diaz UFC welterweight comeback.

Nick Diaz: The Hero MMA Deserves?

Is Nick Diaz The Hero MMA Deserves And Needs? People often say things like “the UFC needs Conor McGregor” or “heavyweight boxing needs Tyson Fury.” These things are, of course, debatable, and in reference to a healthy economy and divisional…

Justin Gaethje against Dustin Poirier UFC Glendale.

Gaethje vs Poirier and The Lightweight Big Drama Show

Justin Gaethje vs Dustin Poirier The Lightweight Bottleneck So alot was finally settled over the previous weekend. While at the same time, many  more questions were left unanswered, if that makes any sense? Right now, in the lightweight division, Khabib…

Max holloway ufc 223.

Max Holloway: The Blessed Era

Max Holloway: The Blessed Era Curses aren’t real. We all know they aren’t real. But it’s difficult to be a sceptic when we find ourselves here again, is it not? The last three original UFC main events were cancelled, but…

Joanna Jedrzejczyk UFC 223 title shot.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk: What’s Mine is Mine

Is Joanna Jedrzejczyk Back to Her Winning Ways? How much of it is truth and how much is delusion? That niggling question at the back of your head when a fighter suffers a loss. Which is often quickly followed by…

Rose namajunas ufc strawweight queen.

Thug Rose and The Lords Prayer

Rose Namajunas: Salvation is Mine Hands up if you were one of the few who gave Rose Namajunas a chance in her quest for the UFC strawweight title? When Thug Rose faced the ultra-dominant division champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC…