Chael Sonnen: Stipe Miocic got his feelings hurt…but didn’t realize what was really happening

Stipe Miocic Got His Feeling Hurt But Didn’t Realize What Was Really Going On Says Chael Sonnen

UFC Champion Stipe Miocic has been pretty vocal, about the lack of promotion and overall treatment he has received from the UFC. In the lead up to his title contender fight with Francis Ngannou. But Bellator Grand Prix heavyweight Chael Sonnen has a different take on what exactly transpired.

Was there more to this story than meets the eye? Sonnen believes so and reminds us that a magician never reveals his secrets… often bringing them to the grave. Whether Chael is correct or not, who knows.  But he does have a very interesting take, as he himself is one of the greatest promoters of fights in the business. So listen and learn.

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