Robbie Lawler ‘The Ruthless Rumba’

Robbie Lawler ‘The Ruthless Rumba’

Robbie Lawler – Skill Breakdown / Film Study / Highlights

The bully-buster, former UFC Welterweight Champion Ruthless Robbie Lawler, is known for his aggression and power. Though on the surface it appears he is a brawler, which he certainly is, there is a method to the madness, a cerebral craftsmanship to his wicked ways.

The Ruthless Rumba is a reference to the complexity of the dance. ‘Ruthless’ Robbie Lawler started fighting at 19 years old in 2001, debuting in the UFC in 2002.

He left the UFC in 2004, and from there fought with varying success for some smaller organizations before joining Elite XC in 2007 and Strikeforce in 2009.

His real resurgence came in 2013, re-joining the UFC @170 lbs. And showing a very refined skill set, eventually becoming Welterweight Champion.

This will focus on progression and technical skill.

I took a vote for the last breakdown which was Sergio Pettis by a hair, with Robbie Lawler getting a lot of votes too. I also chose to narrate that, as I will this one as well. Next breakdown I’m going to look at the most popular and consistent requests and I’ll just make a few posts and you can thumbs up whom you’d like to see. first to 20 thumbs up wins. The only way that happens is sharing, if the thumbs up in total supersede the videos thumbs up, it’s a DQ. We are building boys (mostly…).

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