Nate Diaz Fame: Guardian Short Film

Nick Diaz Fame: Guardian Short Film

In a piece commissioned by the Guardian, Bobby Razak follows Nate Diaz as he prepares for his rematch against Connor McGregor. We follow Nate as he does the pre fight build up. With guest appearances on Conan O’Brien and the Jimmy Kimmel show. His day is taken up with media, while by night he gets in the much-needed training at the Kron Gracie Academy.

Nate talks about the perception some people have when you are a famous UFC fighter. That you spend your days walking around with pockets full of cash. But for Nate Diaz, that simply wasn’t the case. He’s been fighting for such a long time, that at one point it started to affect him mentally. Resulting in him having to ease up on the sport for a while. The result of which was that,

“I went even crazier”

Analysing his predicament, Nate saw that he was giving far more to the sport than he was getting back. Happy enough just to have some money in his pocket. When Nate hit 26, he started to realise that with all the fighting he had done, all the headlining fights.

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“How come I did own nothing?”- Nate Diaz

Then we Nate saw Conor McGregor at the Go Big press conference. With McGregor calling out everyone from the featherweight to the welterweight division. It was then that the penny dropped and Diaz realised his opportunity for the big time was staring him straight in the face.

Diaz decided that he wasn’t fighting anymore until he got the same kinda money the new guy was getting. It wasn’t that he was not going to take fights. But he was no longer willing to take the money being offered by the UFC.

Nate detailed the kind of numbers his first fight with Conor had brought in. And now facing him for the second time. With casual fans and celebrities alike knowing who he was. Things had certainly changed for the fighter from Stockton California.


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