Motivational: Medicine for the Last Man with Coach Zahabi

Motivation: Medicine for the Last Man – Coach Zahabi

A serious dose of motivation from TriStar head coach Firas Zahabi, who discusses the truth about developing a training routine. How to stop lying to yourself and change your life.

He talks about how incredible both the body and the mind are.Yet some people convince themselves everysingle day that they cannot do something. Waking up every day and telling themselves that same story. That they cannot do anything! Absolutely convincing themsleves that it is true!

Even the simplest thing which can be so easy to do. They manage to talk themselves out of doing it. And that this is a crippling way to live. But you can do it, it simply physics and your own beliefs.

If you are overweight, the problem is in your head. Just 2% of the population has a medical condition which stops them from losing weight and getting fit. So they have no excuse, yet they still manage to make one.

One Way or Another I’m Going to find Success

And that solidier within, you have to train him each and everyday and march each and every day. And build up his strength. You have to built is slowly through self talk, self thought.

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Teaching yourself how to see things in a different light. Reading biographies of people who have had a hard time and made it.

You have to convince yourself that you are going to find a way tomake it, or die trying. You have to stick to the positive and keep trying.

He gives the example of is own son who he was teaching how to ride a bike. His son said that he couldn’t do it. So Firas told him they would have to sleep in the park until he did. It wasn’t long before his son learned how!

He wanted his son to realise that they were committed to making it work, and they did! He was just trying to teach him a lesson. Some people are locked to their excuse. But when you take that excuse away, they can achieve great things.

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